Deep Sorrow

My beloved boy, Daniel Francis Montalbano wrote this when he was in High School - RIP.....10/91 - 3/15 Forever in My Heart DEEP SORROW I read the news today Another teenage girl just passed away I saw the suicide not somewhere on page eight She said she can no longer face the hate She said all her hope had gone away A news reporter went and interviewed some people at her school Most of them didn’t know her name And the people who did, acted the same In the note she said, that no matter how hard she tried The people at her school never paid her any mind She tried to make friends but they never had the time To say hi to her Or make her feel like she existed So she took that gun and put it to her head and pulled the trigger Just a newspaper ad no one really missed her But just remember she had a mom Who will never be the same All cause we never took the time to learn her name So, the next time you see that girl walk down the hall Or sitting alone in your class Why don’t you take a minute to ask? How was her day You could just save a life that way