How to Become a Resource

Click Here to Become a resource The Addict's Mom would like to invite licensed professionals and institutions in the field of mental health to be included as resources in the TAM directory Professionals For the Addict’s Mom. Because TAM has over 30,000 members, with a chapter in every state, our directory, Professionals for the Addict’s Mom, has an extensive audience. Under by the credos of "Sharing Without Shame" and "Together We Really Are Stronger," "The Addict's Mom" offers a forum for mothers of addicts to share their sorrows, fears and victories as they struggle with a loved one who is suffering from the disease of addiction. TAM offers resources, groups and treatment scholarships. We sponsor rallies, local and national community events, and we collaborate with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA). Our members advocate, educate, collaborate, communicate, and act as liaisons for those suffering from addiction and other mental health issues. Members of local chapters meet regularly with their state legislators, propose legislation, serve on task forces at the behest of their Governor, and are slowly and surely changing the world view of addiction. The Addict's Mom is so much more than a support group, it is a lifeline for our members. For the mother or other family members sitting in the dark with tears streaming down her cheeks, "The Addict's Mom" offers hope and the knowledge that there are thousands of other families fighting for the very life of a loved one. One of the wonderful aspects of TAM is that mothers can reach out and find support ONLINE, in their pajamas, in their bedroom, in the dark hours of the night. ANYTIME they need it, TAM is available. TAM mothers are connected for life.